About Us

At The Apex Wrestling School, we teach all wrestlers the fundamental skills, techniques, and values necessary to achieve their personal goals. Apex is committed to guiding each wrestler through each level of the sport, from beginner to advanced, by actively supporting, evaluating, and understanding each athlete’s individual strengths and areas for growth.


The Apex Wrestling School’s goal is to help build on each wrestler’s existing talents and help each wrestler improve in areas in which they may need support.  At Apex, we will also work to strengthen each wrestler’s commitment to the sport by instilling essential values such as: competitiveness, sportsmanship, introspection, mental fortitude, intellectuality, responsibility, and respect.  These values are critical to the development of not only a successful wrestler, but more importantly, a successful human being.


While our physical training sessions certainly emphasize conditioning, technique, and positioning, we also incorporate competitive philosophies, core principles, and psychological strategies into our programming.  We are also willing to incorporate film review and methodical critique into our training program for athletes of all levels and ages.  We are also dedicated to your future success at Apex.  Our staff has a wealth of experience in, and network contacts for, secondary school programming and postsecondary planning.  We have close relationships with the most reputable high school, college, and senior level wrestling coaches across the United States, and we work hard to expose our members to these coaches, and vice versa.  We regularly encourage and provide guidance for our athletes to make sound decisions for their future, whether it be continuing their athletic careers in college, or otherwise.