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Raymond “Uncle Ray” Kenny

Apex North and Central Instructor


Ray Kenny joined The Apex Wrestling School staff when he enrolled his three nephews, Paul, Sean, and Eddie into the Apex system.  Now some of the most high profile wrestlers that represent Apex, Ray has made sure that the “Kenny Boys” uphold the integrity of the program in which they train. Ray also goes out of his way in the Apex training rooms and at competitions to assist the members who train with us in any way he can.  It is not uncommon to see Uncle Ray running from one mat to another at a competition to make sure that our Apex athletes have a coach in their corner to support them in their matches.  A two-time team captain and district champion in high school himself, Ray is not only one of Apex’s biggest fans, but also one of the greatest assets on our staff.​


Uncle Ray’s proudest moment as a wrestling coach: “Any time I step to the corner of the mat to coach my nephews.  Not just because they are highly successful, but because it brings me so much joy as an Uncle to be a part of something that is so special to me and to them, and to watch them grow up in and through the sport.”

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